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Created on 2012-01-26 10:07:47 (#1454459), last updated 2012-02-03 (297 weeks ago)

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Name:Elves Are Prettier Than You
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ShinyShinyElves is for those of us who are, frankly, just prettier than the rest of you. And we can nance about on top of snow. This is because we are elves. Also, we are heir to an ancient and mysterious elvish heritage involving silly postings about roleplaying anecdotes.

Interests (98):

adventure, arson, ashirion, barely legal elves, belladonna, blowing stuff up, bondage gnomes, brinkmanship, burning oil, cavorting, chaos, crossdressing, dark elf, dark elves, denial, diary, dire wolverines, dragons, drow, druids, dungeons, dwarf recycling, dwarfs, dwarves, eahi, ear nibbling, ear worship, elf, elf world domination, elf-orc diplomacy, elf-orc hostilities, elves, elvish haiku, elvish poetry, fae, faery, fairy, fanfic, frolic, frolicking, frp, frustrating the dm, fun, gaming, halflings, humans, iltyr, insanity, inventions, jeux sans frontieres, joke, killer toys, kobold jokes, lederhosen, lord of the rings, madness, messing with people's minds, mocking dwarves, moonlight, nancing, ogre femurs, own reflection, piercings, pointy ears, pony, prancing, pretty things, puny short-lived races, roleplaying, sapphic poetry, scarring fragile minds, seelie, sheep, shiny, shiny things, shinyshinyelves, shock tactics, sidhe, silly, silverblue, smiting things, spatulas, spears, still the prettiest, story, taking trophies, tales, tattoos, toys, unseelie, v. good, very secret diaries, vipers, wearing dead things, weirdness, were-otters, widowhood, wolverines
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